Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Review of the Year (Running)

2008 was a bit of a mixed bag for me as far as the old running went. It started well with a good run at Lumphanan (and a new 10K PB) but then went downhill as I was hit by problems with gout, grump1, and panng2. I still managed a decent run at Balmoral, a PB at the Baker Hughes 10K, and an enjoyable run at the Ythan challenge, but I felt I couldn't get my speed up, and was a bit disappointed by my time at the Glen Clova Half Marathon. The year finished well enough with a good run at the Stonehaven 5K.
The other good thing that happened this year was that Vikki and I both joined the Stonehaven Running Club, and so met a whole new bunch of interesting (and fast) people, and started doing moonlit runs once a month.

About this time last year, I set myself some targets for the year. So how did I do:
  • partial success; new PBs at 10K and at 5K, but missed by a long way at the half marathon
  • sort of; the Ythan Challenge took me longer than an hour but it's not a straightforward 10K
  • not really close to 50mins
  • no hill races but I did do the Ythan which was something a bit different
  • complete success; I'm still having fun.
So, that just leaves targets for 2009. Basically, the same as 2008: a PB or two, some decent times, a 50min 10K, participation in some different events, and keep on smiling. Vikki and I are already signed up for some interesting events in 2009, so we'll hopefully have some stories to tell.

Sorry if this post is a bit dull and self-indulgent. If I don't post again before them, I hope you all have a great Hogmanay tomorrow and have a fantastic time on 2009.
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