Sunday, 28 December 2008

Chasing Vikki

2008-12-28 Splash n Dash Xmas 5k
Despite some cold and wet weather, a decent sized field turned out for the Stonehaven 5k Beach Fun Run (or whatever it's called) with a lot of runners in fancy dress. I really like this event - the handicap system and the course mean you get a chance to say hello to everybody and it's generally a very friendly race which is good fun.
The handicap system is based on estimated finish times and it worked out that Vikki started 30s before me (and Santa), so I spent the whole race just trying to gradually close the gap so we would finish together - I didn't quite make it, finishing roughly 10-15s behind her. Vikki's time was recorded at 22:14, but they didn't manage to get my time recorded properly for some reason, so I didn't get an official time. The first video clip (in album, click on picture above) shows Vikki at about half way, and you can just see me at the end of the clip.

As part of the fun run, you bring a gift and randomly take a different one away. The second video clip in the album shows one of the gifts we took away; a colour change candle. It's ...erm.... interesting. We also got some leaf tea: unfortunately we don't have the necessary devices, but will try to get a hold of them because it smells great.

So, that's it for running this year, at least as far as events go. Time for a break. Until 2nd Januaury when it all kicks off again at Lumphanan. Hurrah!
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