Thursday, 11 December 2008

Our So Called Advent Blob - Day 11

Well, it ought to have been a recipe for disaster: a three course meal with a couple of glasses of wine in the early evening, followed by a moonlit run in an icy forest. Although it wasn't the best training session ever, it was good fun - everyone who turned up had a laugh, walking, sliding, and running where possible. I think I'm going to prepare for every run with huge amounts of food and wine in the future.

In the world of Lego, I was wondering where my silly little blog would turn up in a google search for "lego advent calendar blog". The answer was nowhere but try "lego advent calendar blob" and we're number 1! woot! As I was conducting this research I came across a couple of other sites that are doing quite interesting things with Lego advent calendars. Unfortunately what they are mainly doing is making me really regret not getting my act together and missing out on the Castle advent calendar. Oh well, maybe next year will have something even better. Anyway, in today's calendar, something else has turned up - I'm not entirely sure what it is yet, but I think the "chef" has some idea what to do with it.

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