Sunday, 18 January 2009

I'm Still Standing


Look at me. I'm standing up, using my very own little legs. OK, I'm using things like the dishwasher, magazine racks, and my toys to help me, but I'm only little and I feel I'm making significant progress. I've also got 11 teeth now, so don't give me any lip, or I'll bite you. And don't think I won't - I've bitten daddy and he wasn't even doing anything to annoy me at the time; I just thought his finger looked quite tasty. Talking about daddy, he apologises that he's not been blogging much but he says he's been busy. Busy doing nothing and playing silly games on the computer, if you ask me.
Bye for now. From Magnus

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Everybody!
OK, it's a bit late but we've not been at home much. We spent most of the last couple of days over at Vikki's folks which was great fun - especially as they agreed to stay in on Hogmanay so Vikki and I went down to watch the fireballs. A number of our friends and family were swinging, so we made our way down to the harbour at the end to wish them well - there was much hugging, hand-shaking, kissing, and handing round of hip-flasks. A great way to start 2009. 
We took some photos, but as usual with the fireballs, they were mostly rubbish. Using the video mode seemed to work slightly better, but all the videos were almost ruined by some woman shouting near the camera (I wonder who that might have been). 
On New Years Day, we all (despite protests from the kids) went for a walk up to the war memorial and round past the harbour. We also set up Vikki's parents new WiiFit which was pretty good fun, especially as I was given a WiiFit age of 31 and branded a "muscle legend", to great hilarity from all present for some reason.
Today, Vikki and I were running in the Lumphanan Detox 10K which was really good - a friendly event, interesting course with hills, icy farm tracks, and great views of snow covered hills. Even better, both Vikki (52:08) and I (53:20) got PBs. 

For what it's worth, the best of the pics and videos are here:

2008-12-31 Hogmanay 2008