Monday, 31 December 2007

Last Run of the Year

This is me crossing the finishing line of the Stonehaven Splash 'n' Dash 5K Fun Run - an annual event that takes place between Christmas and Hogmanay - with a time of 22:15 which I was very pleased with. The race is run as a handicap and I'd put down my expected time as 25:31, so I was quite a bit quicker than I thought I'd be (possibly partly because the route was a bit shorter than 5K). It was good fun - the handicap format meant that everyone started at different times and got closer together as the race went on and the route doubled back on itself so there were plenty of chances to say hello to people and for spectators to get some photos. Vikki took a couple and Dave (who didn't run because of a bug) took quite a few which are on flickr. The boys came down to watch but got bored and had to go and play at the park, but not before Vikki got this shot of Calum...

So, that's the last race of 2007 out of the way and it seems like a good time to look forward to 2008. For next year, I've set myself a couple of targets:
  • set new PBs at each distance I enter races for (1/2 marathon, 10K, and 5K probably)
  • run under 1hr in all 10K races I go in for
  • run a 10K in under 50minutes (and thereby beat Vikki's 10K PB)
  • run a hill race (if I can persuade Vikki I'm not going to break my ankle)
  • keep enjoying it
The 50 minute one is the toughest, but I think it's possible, especially after yesterday's run so we'll see how it goes. I've already signed up for a couple of races with plans to do a few others. Look out for posts on the following:
Best wishes to all in 2008.

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