Friday, 7 December 2007

Xmas tree fun with some TV watching

Last weekend we went to get our Xmas tree (and one for my folks) from the Forestry Commission at Tyrebagger north of Aberdeen. It turned out that the boys didn't want to go so Iain and I had a nice drive ourselves. We met our friend Alex and had a nice long chat about the v quick arrival of his baby son (got me a bit worried!) and Iain continued stalking Dan who also works for the Forestry Commission. On the way back we were a bit squished in the car - it's lucky we are both so short or we wouldn't have managed it. The boys did enjoy dressing the tree and it is always nice to look at the handmade decorations they bring home from school. It got past bedtime though as we had to wait for Iain to saw the bolt thing out of the stump of last year's tree before we could put this year's one up. That is a job that is getting done in January this time! So we finally finished it the next day. Then I adjusted it when the boys were at school. Here are some photos:
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