Sunday, 29 July 2007

Who needs campsites?

Another fun weekend. I'd mentioned camping to the boys which they thought was a great idea (Father Of The Year Points: +1) but I didn't fancy a long drive or going to the effort of finding a campsite (FOTY -1). So I said we could camp in the back garden on Friday night (FOTY +1) which also meant no car sickness, not forgetting anything and no cold toilet blocks (FOTY +1). We even managed to have hot chocolate cooked on the stove (FOTY +1) and persuaded mummy to come out and join us (after Big Brother). It was all good fun but Calum woke us all up at half past one to go to the toilet (Husband of the Year -10).

Saturday was a fairly lazy day (after an early morning run). We went for a wee walk down the town to get the boys some school shoes (Calum's first ever pair) and a school bag for Calum. After much mucking about, they both ended up getting Clarks shoes with toy cars hidden under the insole (no, I didn't really believe it either but check it out here if you're interested).

Today, we were down at Mugdock Country Park near Glasgow for the Albinism Fellowship barbecue. Calum was car sick about five minutes before we got to the car park but it was a nice day out for all.

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