Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Pump Up The Jam

I'm using my bread maker to make some jam with some raspberries that Vikki and the boys picked from a friend's garden (Ditta invited them which isn't as much fun as scrumping (if scrumping can be applied to soft fruit) but never mind - she's away on holiday so maybe we could sneak in and get more). There's a great smell in the house and it should be just about ready so I'm off to have a look.....

....well, it looks like raspberry jam, it smells like raspberry jam, and a lick of the spoon tells me it tastes like raspberry jam. The big questions are whether it will set like raspberry jam (who knows?) and whether it'll go off before it gets eaten (unlikely).

By the way, if you've arrived here because either Vikki or I have sent you an email saying there's some interesting news on the blog, you're looking for the previous post.
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