Sunday, 26 August 2007

Hazlehead Park - Well worth a visit

Hazlehead Park is one of the main parks in Aberdeen. It's a pretty cool place, with a maze, putting, crazy golf and a wee zoo, to list a few but probably not all of its many attractions. I seem to remember trampolines and a massive play fort from my childhood but they've gone, replaced by a large play area of climbing frames, slides etc. It's the sort of place where everyone who lives in or near Aberdeen goes from time to time, to play, or have a picnic, or get a snack at the cafe, or just generally chill out. I'd be amazed if I was to meet anyone from round here who had never been - they'd have to be crazy.
We were at Hazlehead on Saturday, partly for something to do, partly to reward the boys for not breaking more than one phone despite being dragged round the shops so Vikki could get her new phone, and partly to see the Aberdeen Blooms flower show. The flower show seemed to have a lot more people selling crafty stuff than I remember previous years, but they did have some excellent Bonsai trees, remarkably large vegetables, some nice flower displays, and some cool stuff done by kids including a pepper made to look a bit like Shrek. Please click on the photos below for the full size versions.

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