Friday, 17 August 2007

Dinosaurs, Gem Stones and Waterfalls

On Tuesday morning, we had a visit to the Treasures of the Earth museum in Corpach (more pictures here). It was fairly good with lots of gem stones and some fossil stuff including Diego's skull.
After lunch we drove down to the end of the Glen Nevis road, and following advice from Dave's parents, walked along to the An Steall waterfall. The wire bridge looked a bit ropey in the wet so we stayed on the North side of the river and took a few photos. It was a very enjoyable walk which I'd recommend to anyone in the area. It's also a good starting point to many of the big mountains in the area - I've got a vague notion in my head for a multi-day walk in this area taking in several Munros and a few extra tops. It'll probably never get off the ground, but I can dream.

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