Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Capital Stuff

So, as promised, some photographs from our day out in London...

2008-07-16 Trip to London

It was a long day and hot but it was generally good fun with a chance to see a lot of the buildings we had previously seen the lego versions of. We got the train in to Waterloo and did a quick bit of pedestrian sight-seeing, taking in the London Eye (although we decided not to actually go on it because it would be expensive and the boys would have been bored by about 72 degrees round), the Houses of Parliament, Whitehall, and Trafalgar Square. We got held up for a while by armed police at the end of Downing Street so that Gordon could get out for PMQs which was annoying but not as annoying as the fact that they were getting ready for some opera thing at Trafalgar so the boys didn't get to climb on the lions.

After that, we took the tube up to the Natural History Museum which is a great place to spend a few hours, especially as it's free. Lachlan was keen to see the Human Biology section for some reason - we lived in fear that the boys might start asking too many questions but the worst we got was Calum pointing to a picture and saying "you can see his willy. heehee".

Vikki decided we had time to have a look at the Tower and Tower bridge so we headed over there and visited the gift shop. It was cool to see Boris's new place of work and the HMS Belfast which features in the boys' Top Trumps. We also went to have a look at the Monument to the Great Fire which features in The System of the World which both Vikki and I have read recently. Unfortunately, my navigation (using the memory of a map viewed in the gift shop) let us down slightly and we almost missed it, and it had scaffolding round it anyway. Which all gave us just enough time to get back to Waterloo for the return train and much confusion over whether we were on the right train, and the right carriage on that train. It turned out we were and we got back without further adventure. Phew!
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