Monday, 18 August 2008

Big Weekend

It was Lachlan's birthday on Saturday, and we had a great day out in Aberdeen planned. Worryingly our plans were thrown into disarray by a phone call telling us that Franky and Benny's was shut because of a fire. I had visions of us wondering round looking for somewhere to eat with the kids moaning like you wouldn't believe but, as it turned out, we got in to Chiquito's before the main lunch time rush and had a nice lunch there. Lachlan got a pizza with bacon and bacon on it so he was happy and I had a margarita so I was happy too.

Then it was on to Cadona's for a ride on the Crazy Train, the big slide, and the Log Flume. All great fun, but then it was on to Transition Extreme for a climbing taster session, which was really good fun and might be something we do again.

Yesterday, I had the option of taking part in the Forfar 10K run or the 26 mile Great Stonehaven Bike Ride. So I did neither - after I got back from a 6 mile late morning run, we all went down to the harbour to see what was happening at the MRI Harbour Festival. It was the usual collection of money raising stalls (raffles, bottle stall, duck fishing, whack the rat, etc) but also a mechanical bull. The boys had a shot of the bull and lasted about 7 seconds on their best shots, then Calum practically shoved me on it. After two 8 second rides, I managed 17 seconds so could walk off with my pride intact having beat the kids times. A long way short of the 47s best time of the day, though, and feeling a little bit tender this morning.

I'm sure there are some photos somewhere, so I'll need to upload them. Maybe I'll also post the ones from the rest of the holidays at some point.
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