Saturday, 9 August 2008

Magnus at 6 months

Magnus is 6 months old already! The time is flying by and there are so many changes to report. He isn't a fan of rolling over like his friend Rachel, but he does like to stand up and sit up. He is too big for his pram cocoon so we've changed the pram settings. Now he is paying more attention when we go out for walks instead of just falling asleep. He is also sitting up in his playnest and grabbing at the toys. He's in his highchair for his meals now and using a sippy-cup for water. Magnus does like doing that usual trick of banging the cup on the table just like his big bros did. He is still a very happy boy most of the time and is sleeping through from 8:30pm - 6 am. I think he's going to get another tooth soon as he is slavering all the time, hence the bibs in most of the photos!
I sent off his passport application yesterday as we are planning a trip to The Hague to visit Faye and Wessel next month. It's all go for Magnus! I take him to toddler groups on Tues and Thurs mornings and he goes to the cafe with me and my Mum quite often. Nearly forgot - he had his first go on a swing and enjoyed it for about 5 mins.

2008-08-09 Magnus Update at 6 months
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