Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Stop messing about and get blogging young man.

Sorry about the lack of blob posts recently. This is partly because we've been fairly busy doing stuff (as will be explained if I just get on with it) rather than writing about it, and also because I've spent far too much time playing Battle for Wesnoth (yes, I know it's a bit sad) by myself and Mah Jong with Vikki.

Those of you who keep tabs on my Picasa Web page will have seen the photos from Christchurch and Bournemouth. Those who haven't can click on the pictures at the bottom to get there. We were in Christchurch for a week's holiday and it was very nice.

The boys got a couple of days at the beach (one after a short trip along the coast to Bournemouth) which was just as well since that's one of the main reasons for going.
Vikki and I managed a couple of runs. The second one hadn't been planned but we went to Moors Valley park (which was a really good day out for everyone) and we decided to follow the orienteering course there. On the way round, we realised that we weren't going to get to all the points and get back to meet the rest of the gang at the time we'd said. My plan was to miss out three of the points, but Vikki decided we could make it if we ran rather than walked the rest of the way. You can guess whose idea won the day.

We also had a trip up to London (will post some photos soon), went to a car boot sale and bought some books, games, and Dexter's Laboratory bobble headed figures (the last were Calum's), and Vikki and I went to see the Bournemouth Shakespeare Players outdoor production of Macbeth which was very good.

2008-07-12 Christchurch

2008-07-18 Bournemouth
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