Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Look! It's ...Made of Lego.

Our holiday started with a horrible long drive to the well known holiday destination of Slough including a stop at possibly the worst Burger King in the world (and that takes some doing) at Stirling and an overnight stay at the Travelodge at Southwaite. Thankfully, the Copthorne had a swimming pool, decent grub, and comfortable rooms.

Slough is of course famous as the location for The Office but we were there because it's a short hop from Legoland, Windsor. We had two-day tickets which gave us enough time to get on all the rides we wanted to, especially as we missed the English school holidays so it was a bit quieter, and we went early and stayed right to closing time. My favourite ride was the Viking River Splash, Vikki's was the Jungle Coaster. The boys seemed to have a great time on everything, and both passed at the Lego Driving School. We managed to get soaked by a combination of rain and what the rides threw at us, but it didn't matter as we had a great time. We even had time to go to the shop where Lachlan got a new car and Calum got a cuddly Lego man who was named "Lego Ben" for about a day before he became "Digger Doug". I resisted the urge to blow £180 on a Mindstorms NXT kit but it was a close thing.

Anyway, here are some pictures, although you'd be best clicking on one and going to the Picasa site to see them bigger

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