Friday, 12 October 2007

Just 13.1 miles to go...

Yes, I did say some time ago that 10K was quite far enough and I wasn't running any further, but the Aviemore Half Marathon just looked so much fun that I couldn't resist. This document shows the training plan I was following and how my efforts matched up (not too bad I thought). My target had been to beat 2 hours but I'm not sure if I'll make it since my last long run was about 2hrs for about 11.5 miles (you can see all the rest of my training runs here). That said, the half marathon is at a better time of day, there's more downhill than uphill (click to check the elevation profile), I'll be better rested, and races tend to be quicker anyway, so there's definitely a chance I can make up the time. Anyway, feel free to vote/comment as you feel fit.
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