Friday, 15 February 2008

Life Is Good

Well, it's almost two weeks since Magnus was born, and we're starting to adjust to having a baby in the house again. As far as sleep goes, we're getting more than possibly expected, but still not as much as I'd like - and Vikki gets even less since she's doing all the feeding, and doesn't get to go to work and fall asleep at her desk. As a general rule, Magnus has been a fairly peaceful baby over night and during the day - in the evenings when daddy gets home, he tends to bawl a bit more. Is this just coincidence we have to ask ourselves.
Lachlan and Calum largely ignore their wee brother, but occasionally show signs of affection or annoyance depending on how noisy he's being. He'll no doubt get more interesting when he's big enough to push around in cardboard boxes, dress in weird clothes, throw balls at etc.
We've had a lot of people stopping by to meet the wee fella, and our friends have been amazingly generous with all their gifts. Big thanks to all, even though I know most of you won't read this. About time you did, if you ask me!
Anyway, here are some photos from the last week or so, including ones of my Auntie Aileen, Eleanor and her family, and Sonia who is an old friend of Vikki's family and babysat when Vikki was a little girl. Click on the picture below to see the album.

2008-02-15 Magnus
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