Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The gory details


This is a photo of me with Magnus in his new pram today in Aberdeen. We had an emergency shopping trip to get nipple shields and cuddly toys! All smiles now but it was a bit different before he was born... Do you really want to know? OK, I'll tell you.
I was booked in to be induced on the Friday afternoon (1st Feb) as Magnus was 10 days past the due date. At 8am the midwife called to say not to come in cos they didn't have enough staff for the number of pregnant women. I was a bit put out as I was so fed up of waiting but didn't have any choice but to lump it. They said to come in the next morning at 10am. We arrived then to be told that there were five women ahead of me in a queue to be induced and I would probably get sent home again! I cursed all women who manage spontaneous labour! They agreed to give me the prosteglandin pessary to ripen the cervix and said come back in six hours. So we went for a walk to a cafe on Rosemount Viaduct, then the art gallery, then John Lewis and by then contractions were starting so we walked back to the hospital to let them know. They still didn't have a bed for me and only two of the women had gone upstairs to deliver. Then they didn't have a choice cos the contractions got close together very quickly and I was begging for gas & air. My contractions were only 1.5 mins apart when they finally got me a room and the pain was excruciating! I wimped out and asked for an epidural only to be told that the anaesthetist was in theatre. Then the midwife was saying that we didn't have time so that's why I had an epidural-free birth experience I wasn't being brave it was just too quick! Fewer than three hours in the end and I needed stitches. Next thing that happened was the stirrups on the bed wouldn't work so they had to change beds; then the midwife felt faint and sick while doing the stitches so they had to get another midwife! I think she had missed a tea break or something... I've had stitches twice before and never had that effect on a midwife before! At least they put me in my own room afterwards instead of the usual 6-woman ward. It was all worth it though cos Magnus is gorgeous and soo cute. I'll have to finish now cos he's just woken up for a feed!
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