Thursday, 6 September 2007

"We wanna be free to do what we wanna do"

We took a walk down to Inveraray on Saturday morning to get a few supplies, have a nice cup of coffee in a cafe, use the phone, and find a decent toilet. After that there was a bit of time to just chill out before we set off to meet Liz and Dave and their friends Dave and Nicola and to see:
  • 1990s - excellent stuff. The best band I'd never seen before. In fact I'd never even heard any of their music but will probably buy their album at some point.
  • The Fire Engines - not a band I'd heard much of before, but enjoyed their music
  • Bat For Lashes - felt like a bit of a change from guitar bands so we made the trip down to the other stage for Bat For Lashes. Refreshingly different, but got a bit dull after a little while (I know, I'm probably a philistine). Looked like she was backed by her mum and her little sister.
  • The Only Ones - back to the main stage for more guitar music by people old enough to know better. As expected, "Another Girl, Another Planet" went down well with the crowd.
  • The Divine Comedy - enjoyed this a lot. Good sing-a-long stuff.
  • Teenage Fanclub - Dave's friend Dave's favourite band and another fave of mine from many years ago. Buy their records, go see them, they're great. But not as good as...
  • Mogwai - I love Mogwai. What they lack in clever lyrics (or just about any lyrics for that matter), they make up for with layers upon layers of music which goes from loud to quiet to very loud to even louder. Top stuff. Liz and Dave both concurred that they were excellent and they hadn't really heard of them before.
  • Primal Scream were also good despite Mani getting hit with a cup of beer and asking the thrower up for a fight. I thought the stand out tracks were "Shoot Speed/Kill Light" and "Swastika Eyes" from the XTRMNTR album. "Country Girl" sounded disappointing in comparison. They kept "Loaded" and "Movin' On Up" back until the encore, then off to the tent for another chance to listen to idiots shouting nonsense and not getting much sleep.
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