Sunday, 24 June 2007

Tar Party

Yesterday we had the first ever (as far as anyone knows) Queens Road Street Party, held on the tar outside our garage, and called "The Tar Party" by the kids.
The idea started a while ago when Vikki and her friends decided it would be a good idea to try and get the whole street together for a few drinks so that everyone could get to know each other.
Everyone was asked to bring along some food and drink and it worked out pretty well: the rain stayed off (just), over half the street turned up (which gave us a good chance to talk about those who didn't), everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and there was heaps of food (cooked, uncooked, and overcooked) left over so I assume everyone had plenty to eat.
There was even talk of doing something similar again at some point in the future so it can probably be regarded as a success.
Definitely a good idea - a nice way to get to know your neighbours, and an excuse to drink beer all afternoon.

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