Sunday, 10 June 2007

The Silence Of The Woodland

Yesterday we went for another jaunt up Bennachie, this time ascending to the highest peak, Oxen Craig (after which Vikki's primary school house took its name), from the Back O' Bennachie car park (where I once camped during my Scouting days). It was a good walk and the weather was warm, but a drifting mist at the top cooled things down a bit and reduced visibility quite a bit.
On the way up, we noticed some interesting carvings - a rock set in a burn with the message "the tumbling of waters is the teeming of life" and a path of stones leading to a stone seat with the words "the silence", "of", "the woodland", "is", "the sound", "of", "calling birds". Very interesting, especially when walking backwards.
We also managed to save some mice that had got stuck in a barbecue bin and saw a bright green spider, a big bug thing, and a black millipede.
On the way home, we stopped to see the Maiden Stone which looked more worn than we remembered but I think that's more to do with the erosion of our memories than the stone.

Here's Vikki and the boys getting ready to start the walk.
This is the men at the top.And here's a panorama taken from Little Oxen Craig.
There are some more photographs on the Picasa ablum. Click below to see them.

2007-06-09 Oxen Craig
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