Monday, 27 April 2009

Taking the High Road (part 2)

So, our last post left the intrepid "Queens" just outside Drymen where Vikki handed over the coveted green sash to Pete, who set off on the ascent of Conic Hill. We quickly realised that, true to form, Vikki had managed to make some new friends on the way, notably Jim (the dad of our club chairman, Craig) and Tracey and Helen from Falkirk (Tracey was also known as Phillippa from Team Beaver, whose other members were Hairy, Bushy, and Alec - apparently it's all a bit rude, but like Ann from Team Dun & Dusted, I've no idea why). Then, it was back in the car and up the road to Balmaha to play in the kids park and watch some runners.

Despite having just run over this "sharp little rise", most of the runners coming through the car park at Balmaha looked pretty comfortable. The relay teams were catching up with some of the ultra runners so it was quite busy. We hung around to cheer our guys through and then it was once again back in the car for the drive to Rowardennan and the start of my leg. Pete posted a decent time for his leg, despite finding the lochside run pretty tough, the sweaty sash was handed over, and I set off on my stroll (see previous post).

Although I was obviously unaware of it at the time, Vikki also had a little adventure involving crazy farmers, mad publicans, the police, and the consumption of my crisps by another Iain - I'm sure she'll fill in all the details.

I handed over to Eifiona who was probably fed up waiting for me but still managed a very respectable time for the final leg, making sure we didn't come last. Even the fact that she arrived at Tyndrum to find that both of her children had fallen in the river couldn't wipe the smile off her face.

we had our dinner (and free coffee) at The Real Food Cafe (brilliant - really nice fish and chips) then a quick change at the Wigwam and a couple of drinks at the ceilidh. By then we were both feeling tired so headed for bed, although it looked like a crowd were heading up to the village hall. A fine end to a very long and interesting day.

I just want to add a huge well done to everyone who took part. My admiration for the ultra runners went up another notch - these guys are amazing athletes and most still had the time to say a hello and words of encouragement to others. A great bunch of people. Also, well done to all the runners at Balmoral and London. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone else's stories from the weekend.

Bye for now.

P.S. If anyone's interested in the official results, they're on the Fling web site. Stonehaven were represented by George Reid, Angus Reid, Dunnottar Dun and Dusted, Team Donoghue, and us. Details about how to enter next year's event will no doubt appear there as well.


Jen said...

This is so cool! Congrats! And.... Some day, this might be something to consider for this Texas runner..... (that's SOME day)! At least running gear travels easy.

Ian said...

Great achievement all round. So what's next? Marathon? Ultra? I'm astonished by the people who ran the whole thing themselves.

shanksi said...

Thanks folks - I'll do just about anything to find something to blog about.

We've both got a few more races planned this year, most notably the Stoney 1/2 and the Loch Ness Marathon (which will be the first marathon for us both).

An ultra is still a *possible* long term goal. Personally, I quite fancy something like the OMM which involves a bit of navigation and survival stuff.

The really astonishing thing is that some of the crazy people who completed the whole 54 mile Fling are training for the West Highland Way Race (~90 miles in one day) and that even that is possibly just a training exercise for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc.

dave said...

Thanks for passing this on guys, looked at photos on fling site too, all very cool, I soooooo want to do this! Thinking relay next year, and the lot as a long term goal, 50th birthday maybe?? Well done all of you for getting out there and doing it, and for entering Loch Ness, magic place to do your first marathon, you will love it! Claire x

shanksi said...

Thanks Claire, and welcome to the little world of silliness that is our so called blob.

I think there'll be plenty of folks from Stoney wanting to take part and I'm sure you'd have a great time if you go for it.

We're both looking forward to Loch Ness although it still seems like an awful long way away at the moment.