Sunday, 1 February 2009

Magnus's First DIY Projects

 My brothers are very untidy - they're forever leaving things lying around. Well, I thought we should try and do something about it, so I grabbed my screwdriver and got to work.

 Here, I've just about finished putting together a shelf to put up in the play room. The shelf is to hold Wii and PS2 games, and keep them neat. I've been told I have to put it up out of my own reach, which sounds impossible - I might just have to sub-contract that job to dad, although who knows when he'll get that done.

Talking about dad, here he is, helping me attach some castors to a big bit of chip-board. Why, I hear you ask. Well, the idea is that Lachlan and Calum can use the board to build Lego models and that sort of thing on, then, when they reach the end of the day, the whole thing can be rolled under the bed and out of the way - hopefully this'll lead to less stuff being left on the floor of their rooms, but we'll have to see how it works. Bye bye for now, from Magnus.
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