Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Must. Train. Harder.

The true cyber-stalkers among you will already know that I ran the Glen Clova Half Marathon on Saturday, and finished in a slightly disappointing time of 2:11:00.

Nevertheless, it was a good day out and a (mostly) enjoyable run on an undulating course (I've been on rollercoasters with fewer ups and downs) through one of Scotland's picturesque glens. The low clouds threatened throughout, but the rain stayed off until the final couple of miles, by which time the only thing that kept me going was the thought of a fine pint of Lia Fail at the Glen Clova hotel, which thankfully did not disappoint. In fact, had Vikki not reminded me that we needed to get back to our children, there's a good chance I would have listened to my sore legs and still be sitting on that bar stool now.

The pictures above show some important race preparations, warming up with Ian and Tony (Ian is a friend from Stonehaven, Tony is a friend of his who ran the New York marathon last Sunday). The picture below is me nearing the finish line (at long last). I actually think I look much better here than I felt.

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