Friday, 20 June 2008

Magnus at 4 months





If you have been following my status updates on Facebook you will already know the big news on the Magnus front - he cut two teeth last Saturday!! He is a month ahead of his bros and two months ahead of average. We got zero sleep on the Thu and Fri, it was so bad that I didn't run on Sat morning. Then Iain was bathing M and shouted through "Magnus has got two teeth!!" He saw them cos M always screams his head off when Iain is changing his clothes. The other excitement in M's life is he has started on solids. He has had baby rice and pureed apple, carrot, pear, and papaya and likes them all so far. The baby rice has come from a packet but I have made the rest myself which I'm pleased about. I wasted hundreds of pounds on babyfood jars with the other two boys so I thought I would try to do my own this time what with the credit crunch... One of the photos is the scene when I'm on the laptop. Thought you might like to see the chaos!
Magnus is a really contented baby now and is back to sleeping through (hurrah!) This is probably due to the fact I've stopped breastfeeding and started him on formula. It had reached the stage where he was feeding for an hour at 4am every morning and we were all getting v tired and stressed so we thought is was time to change. Magnus is really happy so I don't feel too guilty.
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