Monday, 31 March 2008

8 weeks later

Magnus is eight weeks old already so I thought I would give you an update on how things are going. The main thing is that Magnus is a really good baby and is happy most of the time. He is feeding well and he's only had two formula feeds and all the rest from the breast which I'm pleased about. He usually wakes us up once in the night around 5 am so we are getting some sleep. He still gets a bit gripey but Woodwards Gripe Water seems to work. We are also using cloth nappies and that is going well too. Doesn't seem like much extra work and I keep thinking of how much money we are saving, especially since we didn't need to buy the nappies as they are from a friend. I think he's started smiling but I can't make him do it so these photos don't really show it but he was smiling within minutes of the photos being taken:

2008-03-30 More Magnus

I have managed to have two 2.5 mile runs with JogScotland and the second was a lot better than the first due to wearing two bras instead of one... I've signed up for the Baker Hughes 10k again so my first race back will be the same one as my last race befor having Magnus. I wasn't going to do that cos I thought I didn't want to get a slower time than last year; then I thought it doesn't matter, I just want to race again! I might even do Balmoral if my sister backs out of it! I also swam 36 lengths this morning so my fitness is getting back to normal. Now I hear Magnus crying upstairs so I'd better sing off.
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