Sunday, 18 November 2007

Happy Birthday, Aileen

To celebrate her 60th birthday, my Auntie Aileen invited a big bunch of family for lunch at The Atholl. For some reason, the birthday girl arranged the seating plan to have Lachlan and Calum on either side of her, not something most people would choose to do if they'd ever sat at a table with them before. As it turned out, it all went really well. The food was excellent, the kids were well behaved (as well as our two, their cousins Liam, Eilidh, and Kirsten were there and they all played well together or drew pictures when they weren't eating), and it was a nice chance to say hello to a number of relatives who we hadn't seen for a while. A good time was had by all. Lachlan and Calum took quite a few photos - a lot had to be deleted but enough survived for a slide show. Click below if you want to see the full size versions:
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