Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Boys Done Good

I have to admit to being fairly proud of my two elder boys this weekend. When I signed us up for the Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team's 25km sponsored walk, I wasn't entirely sure that it wouldn't be just a bit too much for them. I shouldn't have worried though - they both got on with it, and despite sore feet and tired legs they completed the 28km (!) under their own steam.
To be honest, I was also a bit worried about whether I would manage, particularly whether my ankle would cope ok. So worried was I about the ankle, that I crossed over into a dark and scary world - the world of the "jessie stick". Although I couldn't get used to walking with two sticks, I found that walking with one helped take the pressure of my iffy ankle and Calum seemed to benefit from having the other one.
The walk itself was jolly nice, a good scenic route, well signed and marshalled by ever-cheerful members of the AMRT who were also dishing out lollipops and juice at various points. At the finish, there was free coffee and tea, and sandwiches and cakes which were all excellent. We also each got a nice flask and a "neck gaiter".
All in all I thought it was a splendid day out and I'll be hoping to join in again next year.
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On Sunday we were at Aberdeen Sports Village for one of the semi-regular Aberdeen Fetch Miles. I didn't run but Lachlan managed to leave his mum trailing and finished in 6:18, making him the fastest miler in the family by quite a margin. The younger two ran 400m and finished in respectable times of 1:39 and 2:20ish. Most importantly, we had a nice time with the Aberdeen Fetchies and invited guests.

More photos from the weekend follow:

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