Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sometimes I think that happiness can best be achieved through a reasonable level of physical exertion

So, it's been a while since I blogged, and I know I've used this excuse before but we've been busy running and spending too much time on certain other websites. Last Saturday, Vikki went out running (yeah, really!) so I took the three boys out on adventure. My intrepid explorers and I crossed to the North bank of the Cowie and then struck West upriver, under the viaduct, through the gap in the wall and up the squelchy path to the weir. I can vaguely remember crossing the river at the weir, but either I was a lot crazier, my parents were less responsible than me, or it was after a much drier spell. Anyway, we continued up to almost under the A90 road bridge before the path became too difficult to follow and we had to turn back. It was good fun, nobody got hurt, we only got a bit muddy and Lachlan and Calum both said they really enjoyed it. A great way to spend a couple of hours!

Our garden contains an apple tree, a plum tree, a small cherry tree, some rhubarb, several strawberry plants, and a blackcurrant bush (from Ribena). Sadly, this picture shows pretty much everything we've managed to harvest this year - 7 blackcurrants and a handful of brambles (which come from a number of out of control plants that have sprung up around the place. There are a few plums in the tree but really, it's not very impressive. What's gone wrong?

Yesterday we all went to Hazelhead Park in Aberdeen for a change. As ever it was good fun, with the kids playing in the park, and Vikki and I trying to remember if there used to be trampolines and a wooden fort when we were kids (does anyone else remember the fort or did I make it up?). Magnus wore his special rucksack for the first time, allowing Calum to walk him round like a dog. We bumped into our friends Alex and Lela with their son Ross, which was a pleasant surprise.

And today, we had a thrilling exciting trip to the local garden centre (how middle-aged are we?) to buy some plants and some wood chip so we could redo some of the front garden. Unusually, the weather stayed fine, and we didn't get bored or argue so we actually managed to plant everything as well. It's looking good.
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