Saturday, 1 August 2009

Clachnaben Trail Run

The last time I went for a long hill run with the club, we took on Mt Keen, and I turned back before we reached the top in blustery, snowy conditions.

Today's jaunt up Clachnaben with a few of the Cosmic Hillbashers promised to have less snow, but low cloud, wind and rain made for a tough trail run.

The first five miles up Glen Dye to Charr Bothie was a nice paced run, but after a brief comfort break we turned up the hill and the steep path soon reduced me to a walk/run and took us into the cloud where it got colder, wetter and more difficult to see. We were able to all keep in sight of at least one other person, which was reassuring in unfamiliar territory, but meant there were a couple of witnesses to my fall - I caught my trailing foot on a protruding rock and hurtled forward into a puddle. No physical damage, but I'm sure I'll hear about it again ;)

It was a big relief to reach the Hill of Endocher and be able to run down to the saddle and then back up to the Clachnaben summit. A number of our party decided to continue to Mount Shade and Threestane Hill, but I took the more direct option back to the car park.

As ever, I felt shattered at the end, but happy we'd reached the summit and had a good, tiring morning out - just a shame we got no views.
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