Sunday, 24 May 2009

Running News

Well, there's been a bit of running going on over the last few days.

On Thursday night, I took part in my first proper hill race, which involved running up a couple of hills in fairly wet and slippery conditions, through bogs, over streams, and between trees. It was hard work and I was up to my knees in manky water at one point, but it was good fun - hopefully I can keep working on my fitness and do more of these runs in the future.

Today, I took the boys to run in the highly prestigious Baker Hughes Fun Run. Calum went off like a bullet, but I got stuck in traffic at the start line and so Magnus was only the second buggy driver to cross the line. Lachlan kept pace with me and Magnus, but could probably have gone quicker if he had felt like it. It was a nice day, so we rewarded ourselves with some ice creams and then went off to find Vikki. She'd obviously been feeling a bit lazy, because she didn't run with us. Some excuse about doing a "Tenkay" where she managed a "Pea-Bee", whatever the hell that means. Results and photos.
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