Monday, 18 May 2009

I Need Help

Ok, so that's nothing new, and you're probably thinking "I'm not a qualified psychiatrist", but this is another matter entirely.

Some time ago, I used to wear smart shoes in (and to) work. During the winter months, I started wearing my hiking boots to the office and then changing into the smart shoes when I got there. These days I generally wear these
to work, and when I get to the office, I'll sometimes change into the smart shoes, sometimes leave the Merrels on, and sometimes sit around in my socks depending on how I feel.

So, today I was sitting my socks and it occurred to me that what I really wanted were "Office Slippers" - some sort of footwear that looks smart enough to wear in the office, to meetings, in front of clients etc but that are as comfy and warm as a nice cosy pair of slippers. I had a quick search on the internet but never really found anything that fit the bill, so any ideas folks?
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