Sunday, 25 May 2008

Should "Carb Loading" include ice cream?

Last night, I suggested that since it was a nice evening, we should take a walk down to Auntie Bettie's ice cream shop at the sea front for some ice cream.
I'm not sure if Runner's World recommend ice cream on the night before a run but it must have done as good as both Vikki and I managed personal bests today in the Baker Hughes Aberdeen 10K (52:46 and 54:53 respectively). I think we were both pleasantly surprised with our times, particularly after a 04:45 Magnus-induced rise this morning (although it was pointed out that most people run better in the afternoon, so our early wakening may actually have been advantageous - aye, right), and it was a good run. I think there were a number of other jogscotland PBs so well done to everyone. Meanwhile Dave Morrow was running his first marathon in Edinburgh this morning. Well done Dave, you crazy fool. See you all down at The Marine.
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