Monday, 10 October 2011

Bennachie Hill Race 2011

"Oktoberrunfest" part 2 was the Bennachie Hill Race, 8 tough miles over one of North East Scotland's finest hills. Vikki and I started together but, as expected, I was slightly quicker to the top of the first climb only for her to pass me on the approach to Oxen Craig and then bomb ahead in pursuit of Rebecca (who narrowly beat her in the end). The weather held out and I was able to enjoy the views and spot some of the towns and villages (ok, so maybe that means I wasn't going quickly enough) as I ran across to Craigshannoch and then towards Mither Tap, where I caught up with John just as we began the long descent down the Maiden Causeway. I skipped past him and sped off down the hill, managing to overtake a few other runners including Cosmic Pauline. All too soon though, the course flattens out as it goes back through the forest and it felt like running through treacle. I think I was passed by a couple of people but overtook a couple on this section, so not too bad on balance, and I still had something left to pick up the pace after the final turn and overtake another bloke within sight of the finish. Crossed the line unhurt, with a smile on my face, and beat last years time by a couple of minutes, so very happy with my run. And very happy with the tea and cakes afterwards. Thanks very much to all the marshals and race organisers etc who put on a very enjoyable event. Congratulations to Mike on clinching the SRC Club Championship, and thank you to John and Rebecca for their company on the drive. Also good to see Neil, Gary, and Jim.
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