Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Just a wee 54 mile bimble with friends

Last weekend Iain and I were lucky enough to go down the the WHW for a weekend of back to back runs and a night in the luxurious *ahem* Tyndrum Lodge Hotel. It meant another 5am alarm call but it was worth it. Made it to Drovers by 9am and met up with Loon Dod, Lintie, Santababy, Simon, MikeR, Joopsy, M1nty, Ribenaface (RFSQL), and Robbo7777. The weather was mild and thankfully there was no ice
We set off for Rowardennan at 9ish am. The first 7 miles to Inversnaid seemed to pass quicker than last time but we were only 6 minutes quicker. Used the posh toilets again at the hotel (how civilised!) and we were off again. Got to the Rowardennan Hotel in time for lunch although Joopsy and I managed to run right past it! Iain had to shout at us to come back. When we got in the fast lot were already having some lovely soup beside the fire. Iain bought me a cup of tea and I rearranged my food for the journey back.
It's quite hard to leave a pub with an open fire to run back but I managed it and really enjoyed the trip. Lots of good chatting and spotting goats and dead sheep along the way. At least we didn't have to wade through the loch this time. We made it back before nightfall (7.5 ish hours) and collapsed in to the Drovers bar. I was willing to drive and let Iain have a pint but he said it was fine so I had a v nice g 'n' t with the gang. Everyone did so well and Iain and Ribenaface popped their ultra cherries
We all went back to Tyndrum and met up with Llamadance in Paddy's Bar. He couldn't make it for the running but managed the fish 'n' chips and a drink with us. We all ate for Scotland in the Real Food Cafe and enjoyed free cuppas in our mugs from the Fling. Back to Paddy's for more drinking and much hilarity abuout Japanese vending machines and the like but shanksi and I were tiring and left them to it at 10:30pm. Next thing was being woken up at ?? o'clock by Santa and Simon laughing their heads off in the corridor... Found out the next day that most of the folk had stayed up drinking shots until chucking out time. Much respect due for their endurance!!
Met the gang for breakfast and Ribenaface was a wee bit worse for wear and said he wouldn't be running that day (he hadn't planned to but I thought we might persuade him). Sophster was on her way so it was one out and another in for round 2 - Tyndrum to Bein Glas and back. Not long after we set off M1nty was feeling a bit sore in the ankles after he'd gone over them the day before. He turned back, but then caught up with us again. Then after 6 miles Iain decided to turn back. He met M1nty and they hitchhiked back to Tyndrum(!) The rest of us carried on and one of the best bits was the downhill in to Bein Glas. I was thinking - now I'll get to the loo, but alas it was locked . So I just kept it in. I'm useless at doing it outside. M1nty peeped us from his parked car to say bye. On the way back we spotted someone on a hill taking pics; it was Iain! He'd driven over to meet us. I wasn't even tempted to get a lift back, I was feeling so good. The run back to Tyndrum was excellent fun listening to the singing (mainly Santababy) and all the chat . Best bit was running up to where the finish line will be on the 24th. Met Iain in the pub and he'd drank 2 pints of guinness so I had to drive home grrr!

Here are some pics
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